• Do your appraisals work for bonded titles?

Currently our appraisals do not work for any type of bonded title at this time. We recommend contacting your local auto dealership for a bonded title appraisal.

  • Do your appraisals work for IRS donations?

Yes our appraisals are accepted by the IRS for donation purposes. When purchasing an appraisal for this purpose please include a copy of IRS Form 8283 filled out with the exception of the appraiser portion.

  • Do you verify VIN numbers and provide certificate of VIN?

We verify all VINs with appraisals. We do not however provide a certificate of vin.

  • How do you determine valuations?

We consult with a price guide book to get an idea first of what to expect for numbers. Price guides aren't an accurate depiction of a value, but they do help as a guideline. Then we check the market to see what the vehicles are doing there. In the case of diminished value appraisals, we have a proprietary formula we use to determine the diminished value of a vehicle.

  • Do you appraise vehicles for bank loans?

Yes we do. However we do recommend you first check with your bank to find out what their requirements are. Some require an On Site Appraisal while others don't and accept Online Appraisals. Each institution and branch are different so it's always best to check with them prior to purchasing an appraisal from us.


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